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My name is Bri and I’m an author, academic, and activist. My books include Who Gets to be Smart, Beauty, and Eggshell Skull. I’ve won several awards and my first novel will be published in April 2024. I also write investigative journalism, essays, arts criticism, and short fiction. You can find me on Twitter here, Instagram here, and my website with all my bylines is here.

Here’s how my readers explain News & Reviews to their friends:

  • News & Reviews is like having a wine with mates after a long week and chatting about all the things that make you think—with cute, fun bits as well.”

  • “Bri Lee’s fantastic newsletter where she breaks down current affairs in a smart, digestible way.”

  • “Bri Lee's weekly attempt to make me smarter and more worldly.”

  • “A midweek brain workout.”

  • “A succinct digest on things I should know a lot more about.”

  • “An intelligent and fun take on politics and culture that makes me think about things I wouldn’t always think about.”

  • “An intelligent breakdown of news and pop culture.”

  • “Useful, well-written updates and analysis of the week’s news and culture. Easily-digestible but in-depth and nuanced.”

Regular News & Reviews weeks

As the name suggests, I cover news (good and bad) and reviews (good and bad). News is usually about my areas of interest and expertise: law, feminism, inequality, the media, education, transparency, big tech, etcetera. The reviews might be of books and articles, TV and film, food and art, fashion and interiors, fancy things and funny things. People seem like to getting a mixed bag and being surprised, and I like that too.

News & Reviews Magazine

The first week of each month is Magazine time. This is an independent, ad-free space for memoir, commentary, critiques, reviews, recommendations, and anything else these genius friends of mine are passionate about. I announce two book ‘picks’ each month (one fiction, one non-fiction) and we discuss them the following month so you can join in at home, either reading our takes or joining our livestreams. Here are the sexy friends of mine publishing their work in News & Reviews Magazine in 2023:

I used to split this special content into Nerd and Style verticals, but that’s a false binary. Past Nerd editions included essays from me like ‘What the minimum standard for men?’ and special ‘deep dives’ like the hugely fun PersuasionRama, and a three-part series on the works of Hanya Yanagihara. Style editions ran each month and April, for example, included and interview with Tarek Kourhani, the genius behind KOURH the label, and my behind-the-scenes commentary on my giant investigative expose of Ellery.

So, what’s free and what’s paywalled?

Posts go behind the paywall after four weeks. Access to livestreams, top-level giveaways, and my ‘Not Another BrandCuck’ chat are all for paying subscribers. Most of my regular weekly content is free, but some of the ‘bad reviews’ that are basically meaty essays will be paywalled. The Magazine content will be mixed free and paywalled too. People deserve to be paid for their work. I pay the people who write for me and you should too. If you genuinely cannot afford a subscription, just email me and I’ll add you to the paying list, no questions asked.

Messages people have sent me when they started paying

‘I have been enjoying the free version and feel you deserve compensation for such good thinking and writing. I particularly like your reviews as you give your real opinion, good or bad, and then substantiate it. Thank you!’ - Julie

‘I have been a free subscriber for a while and love your work. Such an inspiring role model for the combination of public intellectual work and just all round interesting content. I appreciate your acute insights and your conversational style. Thanks so much for doing what you do! Keep at it!!!’ - Cohava

‘I’m loving your voice and your active championship of independent writers.’ - Cheryl

‘I supported your work because you make me think, laugh and feel connected. We are a similar age and situation and you articulate thoughts, ponderings and desires I have far more elegantly than I ever manage. I deeply admired your work Beauty, which is how I came across you.’ - Julia

‘Hi, Bri. Thanks for your heartfelt and honest words around the state of content and ‘news’ these days, I couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to genuinely independent thought from kick arse writers.’ - Erin

‘You are doing an incredible job at making difficult and important things accessible. You are putting a huge amount of time into curating your work which I can see from than the exceptional content you put in your free N&R (PS Wednesday is one of my fave days!!) and what got me across the line was your list about what you would tell a 18 yo - I have 2 x 14 yo's and need that information. Thank you.’ - Jennifer

‘Hi Bri, I got so much out of Eggshell Skull and Who Gets to be Smart. You’re a bit younger than me and I feel both slightly awed and deeply encouraged by what you’ve already achieved in your work. I value writing and commentary that is incisive and self-reflective. Can’t wait to catch up on GarnerRama!’ - Bron

‘I enjoy and respect your voice and your approach to research. I love hearing your book recommendations and seeing dinner party/cookbook posts—and live vicariously through your travel.’ - Amy

‘Thanks so much for your work, Bri. I've been a deep admirer right back to Eggshell Skull and thoroughly enjoy your reviews, earnest critiques and analysis. Your writing makes me feel smarter and more connected (which I think good writing should do). As someone who works in media, I think it's vital to lift up independent voices, art and ideas, so voila!’ - Dani

‘Because you're supporting the work of great writers & making them feel wise & worthy and that really matters to people who've dedicated themselves to this often fraught career. Thank you!’ - Kate


Nothing this good can go on forever without time to recharge and recalibrate. News & Reviews takes little breaks during school holidays. That means two weeks off three times a year, and a larger break over December-January. (You should get off your emails in Summer too.)

Editorial/Advertising Transparency Policy

Update: as of May 2023 News & Reviews will never include advertisements in either free or paywalled editions. Posts prior to 2023 will still display the tags below, but there will be no more #ad content posted. Gifts are only accepted where companies or brands offer me the personal choice of what I might receive, and these will always be disclosed. Giveaways each week, for example, are gifts from the publishers that Bri has specifically requested.

News & Reviews often includes recommendations for things you can purchase, as well as intellectual and cultural offerings. Where reviews or endorsements are shown, they will be noted in one of three categories:

  • #bought (Bri has paid money for them)

  • #gift (they have been sent to Bri for free)

  • #ad (Bri has been paid to feature them)

Sometimes links may be ‘affiliate links’, meaning a small commission will be made if you purchase the item linked in the same browser session after clicking the link.

Want your product or book considered for coverage?

As mentioned above, this is now a totally independent and ad-free space. But we’re still thrilled to hear from creators who want to share news about their art, work, and well-made stuff. Please know News & Reviews readers care about ethical supply chains and they genuinely like supporting small businesses doing the right thing. Get in touch if you think your work might vibe—just ‘reply’ to any edition of the newsletter that lands in your inbox.

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