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Things I learned turning 31

Heteropessimism and my Moroccan birthday feast

A book-heavy gift guide!

December Style News & Reviews

Lean In (2013; boo) and Leaning Out (2022; yay)

'Do you have an irony deficiency?' The Handmaid's Tale, The Testaments, and your question about the wedding industry

The new Taylor Swift, and my latest baking adventure

November Style News & Reviews

Meet the News & Reviews team!

Ageism and the ABC, plus loads of good writing

Stupid 'Blonde'


A Spring shopping list for you :)

The Handmaid's Tale and youth detention

The Queen is Dead, so where's my ABC?

Those Knox boys and the new Game of Thrones

What do you want to know about Anna Wintour?


Linda's Vogue cover and Darren Hayes' 'Homosexual'

Statues, secrecy, and more great fiction

My 'inner life' and bad beans

Honeymoon thoughts and a magnificent novel

Happy Birthday To Me

1st Birthday Giveaway and Discount!

Progress in QLD and that terrible PP column in the NYT

Protests, Vapes, Casanova, and Barbie

What’s the minimum standard for men?

Wage gap win and the SMH shitshow

The ultra-rich, workers, and wages

The 10 best election tweets and Substacks

Gendered leave, midriffs, and mothering

Roe v Wade, Fashion Week, and minimum wage

A dispatch from the desert outside Marrakesh

A dispatch from Tangier

Chefs, cookbooks, PMs and presidents.

Hanya Yanagihara in Soho, NYC in 2018

A real hero and influencer hate

YanagiharaRama Part II

Look good, smell good, drink good!

YanagiharaRama - Part I

Sparks on-screen and a great debut

Judgment Days

Victoria's Secret and 'Inventing Anna'

What's going on with engagement rings?

Higgins & Tame at the Press Club; Pam & Tommy on TV

The PVO problem and Chanel at the NGV.

Invasion day, 'income bracket tourists', and inclusivity in indie food

Bad dudes, bad mums, and gatekeeping

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