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Dudes are competing for 'Biggest Self-Own' in all these defamation proceedings

Baby-Making Politics

10 Great Recommendations

News & Reviews Magazine November Edition

Leigh Sales and Rick Morton on Journalism These Days

The Fashion Swamp: A Rant About Kylie Jenner's New Label

The Meanjin That Might Have Been

Hacking Off My Mullet in Hackney

Why You Should Care About Whistleblowers Going to Jail

Teaching Ethics to Children


Pesto, Whales, and Killers of the Flower Moon

A regular edition in time for a huge, huge week

News & Reviews Magazine October Edition

Understanding the Crypto Dudebro Fraud Phenomenon

The Fashion Swamp: Body Diversity What? Where? Who?

Love in the Time of Colonisation

$107AUD martinis in Marylebone; spiritual purging in Goa

Where They Create: Rowi Singh

My Boys Continue to Baffle Me

Finding the Courage to Call It

A great giveaway and some fun internet things

What do Russell Brand, Jann Wenner, and Pamela Paul have in common?

The best bad reviews and a great new Wilde work

News & Reviews Magazine September Edition

Modern Miracles!

Why Are Dad Books So Bad?

The Fashion Swamp: Danish Envy and Australian Fashion Week in Peril

Ben Roberts-Smith: free press; competitor books; and accountability

Sex in Lisbon, Darts in New York, and Nightmares in New Zealand

Artistic Potential

I'm Sick and Tired of Sad Girl Novels

Where They Create: Jillian Boustred

Women on their best behaviour and the 'Fatal Attraction' reboot

'I Have Some Questions For You' and The Ethics of True Crime

Endo, Supers, Strutting, and Hard Solo

Matildas, Atomic Habits, and Bridget Jones' 25th Birthday

News & Reviews Magazine August Edition

How to Think Like Regan Penaluna

The Fashion Swamp

Progress But a Long Way from Parity

The Corrosion of Racism is Cunning

Reinventing Storytelling One Book at a Time


'Cool Story' is coming and it's going to be huge

Indiana Jones and the IP apocalypse

Allow me to introduce my smart and sexy friends

GarnerRama Part II and some updates!

Housing crisis (again) and Elizabeth Gilbert's impossible position

I watched 'The Idol' so you don't have to

Audiobooks vs Printed Books: a debate as a reader and an author

Barbie's house and a truly terrible play

A literary (re)analysis of Taylor Swift, and much more

Housing affordability and fence-sitting at fashion week

Trump guilty, the budget, and BrandCucks

Sex work, Capote, Met Gala and Menorca

Yellowjackets: matriarchy, savagery, and 1990s nostalgia


A Brief Dispatch from Türkiye

April Style News & Reviews

MPs behaving badly and the dangers of posthumous editing

Prize-Rama (And huge announcements!)

Finally, a regular week!

March Style News & Reviews

Finding my land legs; reverse culture shock

Dispatch from Antarctica - II

Dispatch from The Subantarctic Islands

February Style News & Reviews

Invasion Day news; haute cuisine and The Menu reviews

GarnerRama - Part I

Ding Dong Pell is Dead!

Men Writing Women and McQueen at NGV